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We have an Outdoor All Weather Sign with a Notice to Irish Water, informing All Agents and parties working in tandem or working on behalf of Irish Water. Not to Install any equipment whatsoever on or around your private property without your express written permission.

   Are You Going to the Attack the Tax Fundraising Party?

We really do need your support to raise badly needed funds and we would also like to meet you and for you to meet other like minded people.

There is a workshop during the Afternoon for those who have other issues, provided free by the Common Law Society. All proceeds going to ATT

Plus We all need to let off a little steam every now and then!

Learn the Truth about Taxes and how you are being Bled dry

Here you will discover the Truth and the Facts about what those whom wish to control you, Do NOT want you to Know.

Knowledge is Power, You control your own power, Learn How……

If you have any issues at all in relation to Property Tax.

Whether your New to the No Property Tax drive, or you joined us at the start, and you have issues in relation to Revenue taking money from your wages, pension, social welfare, etc., please do contact us and we will do all we can to help you.         Together we are stronger. . . . . Don’t be bullied.