Famous Quotes

"It is morally WRONG UNJUST & UNFAIR to tax a persons home......it could probably be unconstitutional"
Enda Kenny-1994

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is obligated to do so"
Thomas Jefferson

The Story So Far






Welcome to Attack The Tax

    Important - If you have received a Letter from Revenue, regarding the commencement of deductions, please visit the Downloads section - Step 4, for more information.

Fed up with Austerity?
Sick of the Banksters destroying Ireland?
Had enough of Revenue & medias scaremongering?
Think the Property tax is unjust, unconstitutional?
Want to let politicians know you wont take anymore!

  • We have set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV)
    to sue the government for the immoral, unlawful,
    unconstitutional Property Tax.

  • As a shareholder/member you will have legal protection
    from the Revenue trying to collect Property Tax.

  • Simply become a shareholder/member and return Revenues
    form with sticker provide
    d, stuck to it.
    See sample form with sticker attached. Once you are a Shareholder go the Downloads section of the site to download your sticker.

  • We also suggest you read the FAQs and "Letter to All Shareholders", which will answer many of your questions.

  • The only risk to you is the loss of your 2 euro
    (Limited Liability of SPV)

  • How can I Join the SPV? Click on "Sign Up" above, complete the form, pay online with Paypal or send your payment to the address on that page.

  • What can I do to help?  Click on the "Help Us" above to see what you can do to help.